Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Mattress Cleaning, Dust Mite and Allergen Removal!


Frequently asked questions concerning dust mite removal, the lessening of indoor allergens from the living environment of homes, and the Sterilmattress business practices.


Q: Who could be sent to my house, as I am uncomfortable having "strangers" in my home and around my family?

A: STERILMATTRESS is a family run business. On occasion we will use a college age "helpers" but we have known them since they were in pre-school with my oldest son. 

Q: Do you arrive with a big, ugly, gross dust mite replica on the top of your vehicle?

A: No, somebody would hack it off thinking it would be a great ottoman for their living room. However, we do have magnetic signs on our vehicles, but if you are concerned what neighbors may think, let us know beforehand or when we arrive and we will remove the signs.

Q: What if I have embarrassing stains on our mattresses?

A: That's not unusual, and our cleaning process works just as well with a fitted sheet over the mattress. 

Q: Will my mattress be wet after cleaning? I'm susceptible to mold allergies and would not want mold or mildew to begin to grow.

A: Our three step cleaning process is dry and chemical free. The third step does include a very light mist of an all natural dust mite inhibitor. The mist is so fine and light that the mattress surface is completely dry within five to ten minutes and ready for the bed to be made. Additionally, should any mold or mildew organisms remain after cleaning, the UV-C light used in the first step alters the DNA in all micro-organisms preventing them from propagating.

Q: How long does it take to clean my mattresses?

A: For a King or California King, about 20 minutes. For a Queen, Double, or Futon, about 15 minutes. A Twin, Single, or Crib, about 10 minutes. Pillows require 5 minutes each. A typical four bedroom house takes about 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

Q: Will you clean my upholstered furniture?

A: Absolutely, and it is a very good idea to do so. A full length sofa requires 20-30 minutes, a love seat about 15-20 minutes, an armchair about 10-15 minutes.

Q: Will STERILMATTRESS clean my fabric drapes, tapestries, and the old woolen Indian blanket I have hanging on the wall in the den?

A: Fabric drapes can be cleaned just as they hang, so can the tapestries and woolen Indian blanket. You didn't ask, but fabric covered valances found above windows, can be also serviced.

Q: Do you clean carpets?

A: No, simply because it would result in prolonged usage of the specialized equipment we use. Research shows that carpeting does harbor dust mites but at levels much lower than found in mattresses. Wall to wall carpeting can be adequately serviced weekly with a good quality vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter (on a personal note, please don't let babies and toddlers crawl around on the carpet unless thorough vacuuming is done at LEAST, weekly).

Q: How often do I need the services of STERILMATTRESS?

A: For homes, the recommended interval is every 4 months. For multi-bed facilities the recommended interval is every 3 months.

Q: There are four beds in my home. Can I get a discount?

A: Most certainly! Servicing 4 mattresses in 1 location is more cost effective than servicing 4 mattresses in 4 different locations. We recognize that too!

Q: With the specialized equipment that STERILMATTRESS uses, will this cost me an arm and leg?

A: The health benefits and your peace of mind alone, outweigh the costs. If you bought a large cup of coffee at the local convenience store, each work day over the course of a year, you would spend more than the cost of two service visits (every 6 months) and 3 times more if you stop at Starbucks. Typically, each 6 month visit costs less than a monthly cable bill.

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