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STERILMATTRESS appreciates customers who provide feedback and/or testimonials.

To continually improve upon our services and for the benefit of our customers, both current and future, STERILMATTRESS offers future discounts via the Customer Loyalty Program. To qualify, simply complete the extremely easy "customer feedback form" below.

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Was the technician on time for the appointment?
Was the technician appropriately attired, including wearing shoe/boot covers?
Upon arrival, did the technician inform you of our "Specials" available to you?
Did the technician fully discuss with you the "scope of work" to be performed?
Did the technician suggest that you observe the 3-step cleaning process?, and if so...
Were you provided a clean pair of coveralls, gloves, and safety glasses for your protection?
Did the technician fully explain to you the reason for the Personal Protective Equipment?
Did the technician answer all of your questions on the harmful effects of mattress allergens?
Was the service completed in the estimated time frame?
Did you request additional services that the technician could not/would not, do?
If additional services were not done, did the technician fully explain why not?
Upon completion of the "scope of work" were you completely satisfied with the job done?
Did the technician apply a "date done/date due" mattress sticker for your future convenience?
Were you offered a misting bottle with the odorless, all natural, dust mite inhibitor?
Did the technician provide "tips" that you could do to further protect your family's health?
Did you and your family experience easier breathing and a more restful sleep upon waking?
Would you suggest our services to other family members, neighbors and friends?
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STERILMATTRESS greatly appreciates our loyal customers. We want you and your family to get the restful sleep you need and deserve. Thank you!