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STERILMATTRESS, the Professional Mattress Cleaning Service:

Recent studies agree that dust mites pose a serious threat to our health and the health of our children.  The American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology (ACAAI) suggests 50% of ALL ILLNESSES are caused by, or are further aggravated by poor indoor air quality. The primary source of indoor allergens, dust mites, live, thrive, and breed, in YOUR  unhygienic mattresses. Technological innovations now allow SterilMattress to assist YOU, in providing YOUR FAMILY, especially YOUR CHILDREN, with the healthiest home environment possible. Until recently, the mattresses in our homes, where we spend one-third of our lives, have never been regarded as harboring truly harmful microscopic allergens...but we know now, they do! 

Truth be known, the impact of these studies are so convincingly dramatic, that the public must now be educated to encourage the necessary change in our "house-cleaning practices" by including regularly scheduled "mattress cleaning" for healthier lives. Vist the EPA's newest website ( Media coverage, via national and local news shows and newspaper reports have led the way in educating the public. And now, also "jumping on the bandwagon" are corporations such as Dyson, Oreck, S.C. Johnson & Son (makers of Pledge furniture polish), Trane, and the CEO (with his grandchild on his lap) hawking an air purifier, all mentioning "dust mites" in their television commercials and print advertising.  

What's New, How did this Happen?

Beginning in the '80's and led by new government standards, consumer practices have changed to incorporate "energy efficiency" into our lives. Homes have been built to be more energy efficient (less draftier) which resulted in better sealed homes and unfortunately higher quantities of indoor air pollution. Typically, indoor air pollution is now 5 times higher (and often more) than outdoor air pollution. Energy-saving "cold water" laundry detergent became the norm. Energy efficient hot water heaters now come pre-set to a high temperature of 115-120 degrees Farenheit. Although this seems like a good idea (and it prevents young children from accidently scalding themselves) the end result is a build up of allergens produced by house dust mites and other micro-organisms.

To rid your bed linens, towels, and clothes of house dust mites, the water temperature in your washing machine must be no lower than 130 degrees Farenheit. This requires increasing the water temperature at your hot water heater. These "energy efficient" steps that have been initiated have caused an increase in the number of young adults now suffering from life-long asthma.


The following rates are for mattress cleaning at a single address. Multiple mattress cleanings at a single address are eligible for the following discounts. A 10% discount is available for this service of 2 mattresses, a 20% discount is available for the service of 3 mattresses, and a 30% discount applies to 4 or more mattresses.

$59.95 for each King and California King mattresses (20-30 minutes per)

$49.95 for each Queen, Double, and Futon mattresses (15-20 minutes per)

$39.95 for each Twin, Single, or Crib mattresses (10-15 minutes per)

$4.99 for each Pillow

$6.99 for each Foam Mattress Pad (up to 3/4" thickness)

Prices may vary depending on travel distance. Please check our Specials link for additional discounts.

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Take advantage of the $$$millions that major corporations are spend on advertising products that provide only minimal  relief. Nothing on the market "attacks" allergen sources like a professional Home Indoor Allergen Control technician. This truly is most perfect business start-up at the most perfect time!  


 The U.S. government, national health organizations, and big business, have partnered together to educate the American public on the necessity to improve the EPA's latest #1 concern...indoor air pollution. Within a home, dust mite allergens (DMA's) account for 80% to 90% of the allegenic composition found in house dust. DMA's originate in your mattresses!


"HEALTH and WELLNESS" begins at HOME