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DUST MITES! On average, 2 million of these nasty, disgusting, "bugs" aa6_dustmite.jpgare living, thriving, breeding and depositing mounds of fecal matter in every mattress, including YOURS, and those of YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS!

The extremely potent allergens they produce cause very unhealthy conditions for all, especially our children and the elderly. Our beds, where we spend a third of our life feeling safe, comfortable and cozy, are actually making every one of us and our family members, physically ill to varying degrees. Exposures to these allergens, especially for newborns and children up to the age of 5 years, can lead to PERMANENT AND LIFE-LONG health problems. Even adults are not immune and can also develop these same PERMANENT AND LIFE-LONG health problems.


INSTANTLY Improve Your Health - SLEEP on the FLOOR!

Generally, our carpets are professionally cleaned twice a year, sometimes more if we entertain often. On top of that, we vacuum our carpets weekly. Each time, tens of thousands of allergen producing dust mites are removed. Since, your mattress and the pillows you rest your head on contain MILLIONS of dust mites, it would be more practical, more logical, and even more healthier, to SLEEP on the FLOOR!


The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) suggest that 50% of ALL ILLNESSES may be caused by, or further aggravated by, poor indoor air quality. The primary source of indoor contaminants live, thrive, and breed in YOUR unhealthy, unhygienic mattresses...including the mattresses of YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

Without routine pillow and mattress cleaning and in a very short time, the weight of a newly purchased pillow will rapidly increase 15-25% from the build-up of allergens including live, creepy, house dust mites (HDM's), their molted exoskeletons, dead and decaying dust mites, and most harmful of all, the guanine found in the FECES of these constantly defecating, members of the arachnid family (like spiders, ticks and scorpions). 


Studies have shown that without mattress cleaning a 10 year old mattress can actually DOUBLE IN WEIGHT from the time of purchase, without proper cleaning. 

Also found in every uncleaned mattress is a bounty of additional allergens including pollen, spores, fungi, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses, all of which, especially the house dust mite, thrive in the micro-habitat of mattresses. The tiny amount of moisture when we exhale, the perspiration we produce, the warmth of our bodies under the covers, the 50 million skin flakes we shed daily, provide all the moisture and all the nourishment these micro-organisms need to survive and thrive. Dust mites devour shed human skin cells, their own molts, dead dust mites, and they even eat and regurgitate their own feces, while constantly producing twenty or so, guanine laden fecal pellets per day. That's 2,000,000 dust mites, times 20 fecal pellets per day equaling 40,000,000 new fecal pellets EACH DAY IN YOUR MATTRESS!

How long have you gone without a mattress cleaning service?

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IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO SLEEP ON...EVERY NIGHT? When you tuck your children into bed each night...are you providing the safest possible environment for him or her? Do they cuddle up to fluffy stuffed toys full of dust mite excrement, molted exoskeletons, molds and bacteria?

Each time you turn over in bed, each time you "fluff" your pillow, these horrendous allergens become airborne and YOU begin to inhale them! Cough, cough! 

Recent technological advances have now allowed us to take action and no longer ignore this long time, neglected health hazard. STERILMATTRESS has the equipment, knowledge and expertise, to effectively combat and remove these micro-organisms and the allergens produced. AND NOW THESE TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU!

It is so worth repeating...Exposures to these allergens, especially at early ages, can lead to PERMANENT, LIFE-LONG health issues!

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The very worst indoor microbial allergens are the fecal pellets containing the potent allergen "guanine" and the molted exoskeletons, both of which easily become airborne and then inhaled into the lungs. Once in the lungs, the guanine attaches itself to healthy cells in the walls of the lung and then begins to slowly suffocate the healthy cells, taking over and effectively killing them.

Unanimously, all recent clinical and university research confirms that outside the home, plant pollen is the #1 cause of allergies while inside the home, the #1 cause of allergies is dust and particularly, the allergens dust mites produce.

For YOUR HEALTH and the health of your family, TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

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Take advantage of the $$$millions that major corporations are spend on advertising products that provide only minimal  relief. Nothing on the market "attacks" allergen sources like a professional Home Indoor Allergen Control technician. This truly is most perfect business start-up at the most perfect time!  

 The U.S. government, national health organizations, and big business, have partnered together to educate the American public on the necessity to improve the EPA's latest #1 concern...indoor air pollution. Within a home, dust mite allergens (DMA's) account for 80% to 90% of the allegenic composition found in house dust. DMA's originate in your mattresses!


"HEALTH and WELLNESS" begins at HOME