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Updated SterilMattress News for 2011

In an effort to assist more individuals with starting their own "Home Indoor Allergen/Mattress Cleaning" business, SterilMattress has drastically reduced (by 31%) YOUR cost of the equipment needed.

You might ask, "how can SterilMattress do this?"

Although the cost to SterilMattress, for the specialized equipment, has slightly increased...SterilMattress has just LOWERED the costs to YOU by completely eliminating ALL of OUR advertising costs, including the $600/year for our Better Business Bureau membership. SterilMattress PROUDLY exits our relationship with the Better Business Bureau having achieved an "A" rating and receiving ZERO complaints, over our 5(+) year existance!

"For your peace of mind" please feel free to contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
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Now YOU can start your own...

 "Home Indoor Allergen Control/Mattress Cleaning" Business

You DO NEED specialized Mattress Cleaning Equipment


You DON'T have to invest $23,000.00 USD

You DON'T have to invest $6,950.00 USD 

You DON'T have to invest $2,000.00 USD

The above costs are what other suppliers are charging!

Ridiculous, OBSCENE even!

If you have contemplated purchasing your specialized equipment at the above prices...please, PLEASE, RECONSIDER!

Additionally, the SterilMattress specialized equipment is much more ergonomically friendly saving YOUR back from undue fatigue AND...

is THOUSANDS of dollars less!

 That's INSTANT savings to YOU.

INSTANT savings that YOU can obtain REPEAT customers.

IMPORTANT UPDATE, February, 2011

Over the past five (plus) years, SterilMattress has enjoyed excellent business relationships with our various suppliers. This has allowed SterilMattress to achieve volume discounts which only means MORE SAVINGS for YOU!

The already industry low price of $1,595 is now only...


"Skip the mumbo jumbo...I want to buy NOW! Where's the link to buy?"




Congratulations, pat yourself on the back for discovering this truly incredible business opportunity in the new niche, "Home Indoor Allergen Control" industry with it's primary focus on mattress cleaning. You have, no doubt, seen the numerous TV commercials from major U.S. corporations promoting their products as the solutions to indoor pollution, caused by dust mites and other allergens. 

But their sole products, alone, are only "passive" solutions that simply do not attack the problem.

Mattress cleaning is the ONLY "dynamic" solution that actually attacks dust mite allergens, the primary source of poor indoor air quality!  

Now here's the best reason and why NOW is the time to get into this business. The U.S. government, national health organizations,  AND major U.S. corporations, have teamed together and have been spending millions of dollars, educating the public and advertising the need for dust mite allergen removal. Basically, THEY ALL are advertising the need for YOUR new mattress cleaning service!

Do YOU know of any other business opportunity where YOU get, at NO COST, millions of advertising dollars spent declaring the need for YOUR new business...and YOU have NO COMPETITION!

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Here it is, the perfect "BUSINESS TO START FROM HOME!"

Start a business. Work at home. Operate your own home based business with our specialized mattress cleaning equipment, ideal for generating MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS. Definitely one of the best home based franchise income opportunities without actually being a franchise! That's right, NO Franchise fees, NO Royalty fees, and NO Annual License fees.


FINALLY for YOU, a demand-driven LOW-COST, HOME BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, in an UNTAPPED NICHE MARKET allows YOU to BE YOUR OWN BOSS in the upstart Mattress Cleaning Business! No Competition, check your local Yellow Pages for a "Mattress Cleaning" category!

Full Time? Part Time?

YOU decide...YOU'RE the BOSS!

Set your own schedule. Set your own prices!



Take advantage of this opportunity! 

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The specialized equipment within your "business-in-a-box" also allows you to generate Multiple Revenue Streams. It's NOT just for cleaning mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture, cushions, drapery/curtains, valances, but for much, much, more.


The UVC light spectrum destroys microbial organisms including, but certainly not limited to, E. Coli , salmonella, MRSA and norovirus.

One of the advantages of the separate  UVC light is the capability of additional revenue streams utilizing UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) for sterilization purposes.

In September '06, E. Coli contaminated spinach caused the death of three people and hundreds of illnesses requiring medical attention.

Spinach producers in the U.S. lost millions of dollars and the loss of revenue affected many, including growers, pickers, packers, grocers, restaurants, and even truckers.

The dollar loss(es) could have been avoided completely, by implementing a sterilization system that gently "tumbled"  (imagine a large clothes dryer) the spinach around  UVC emitting lamps. On a smaller scale, restauranteurs could have saved their product "in house" utilizing a service that provides UVGI sterilization with a water rinse. What fruit or vegetable will be affected next?

(Well it sure didn't take long to answer that question!)

In Iowa, during the first week of October '06, both lettuce and  beef were found to be contaminated with E. Coli bacteria.

During the first week of November '06, media reports indicated tomatos in certain areas were also contaminated with E. Coli bacteria. 

During the last week of November '06, national newscasts reported an outbreak of the norovirus aboard a cruise ship, sickening dozens upon dozens of passengers. Sterilization by means of UVC could have prevented this outbreak.

Further news updates have been too numerous to continue "citing" examples.

Incorporate "bedbug inspections" within YOUR new business!


 Ideal for "green cleaning" (without chemicals) kitchen food prep counters, bathrooms/restrooms, under sinks, killing mold and mildew in damp areas, baby cribs, diaper changing areas, pet beds, grocers' check-out counters (conveyor belts), shopping cart handles, computer keyboards, restaurants, day care centers, telephones in offices and telemarketing centers, even escalator handrails, the possibilities are only limited by one's imagination!  

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Your exhausting searches for "home work business opportunites" or the "best rated home based business" has come to a end! The ever increasing demand for professional mattress cleaning is growing rampantly.

 I continue to receive numerous phone calls from individuals who have stored mattresses in storage sheds and now want to have them cleaned, before moving them back into their home.


Below are just a few reasons to end your search for "business opportunities from home" and begin your new profitable home based business.

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  • All homes, worldwide, have dust mites and in the U.S., over one half or 46 million homes, are INFESTED with dust mites. Clinical studies indicate that for proper "health and wellness" the need for dust mite treatment, or mite removal, is not only increasing, but also necessary.
  • Dust allergy and dust mites are the #1 source of Indoor Air Pollution and the most common cause of year-round allergy and asthma. About 20 million Americans suffer from dust mite allergy.
  • Over 39% of the U.S. population suffers from rhinitis (hay fever) and that's just counting those who seek medical relief...many more do not and are not included among those 39%!
  • EVERYONE is SUSCEPTIBLE (especially young children and the elderly) to the ill-effects of dust mite allergens (DMA's). For some, it may just be a daily discomfort, but for others, it's a serious PERMANENT, LIFE-LONG health threat.
  • The American College of Asthma, Alergy and Immunology (ACAAI) has recently suggested that 50% of ALL illnesses are caused by, or further aggravated by, poor indoor air quality. The main source of poor indoor air quality begins in our unhygienic mattresses which harbor the bulk of indoor allergens. It's very important to sleep on a clean mattress! 
  • The EPA reports that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is 5x's, 10x's, and sometimes 100x's or even 500x's, WORSE than Outdoor Air Quality!
  • Children nowadays spend 95% of their time indoors. 
  • The number of potential REPEAT customers is HUGE and  includes homes, government (state, county, city) funded operations such as college dorm's, women's shelters, Veteran's hospitals, assisted living homes, psychiatric wards and MHMR centers, and combined with the Hospitality Industry (hotels, motels, hostels, resorts, B&B Inns, Casino's, Cruise ships)...potential clients are UNLIMITED!
  • In Europe, only 12 years ago, there were no "Mattress Cleaning" businesses. There are now over 4,000 and many more in Australia and SE Asia. Today, in the U.S., there are only a handful of mattress cleaning businesses.
  • The media (local and national news reports) and corporations (commercials) are educating the U.S. public and thereby "advertising" the need for YOUR NEW BUSINESS - Mattress Cleaning and Dust Mite removal. (See what the Associated Press News reported 6/15/06 on our "Links" page) 
  • The HUGE side-benefit of removing DMA's is the removal of other pests and allergens including shed human skin, bed bugs, scabies, lice, mold, mildew, spores, fungi, pollen, bacteria and viruses!
  • An average-sized dust mite colony, thriving in the micro-habitat of an average mattress and pillow, deposits 40 million fecal pellets per day. YOUR potential customers sleep in this and breathe in these airborne allergens.
  • You have heard of air duct cleaning, BUT guess what...dust mites do not live in air ducts. They live right where we spend one-third of our and upon, our mattresses and pillows!
  • You have heard of air purifiers, BUT guess what...they don't solve the issue and the EPA recommends against their use, due to ozone generation!
  • Want to go to the beach? Maybe to the mountains? Combine your travel with a business call...take a moment to call upon a motel or hotel, and deduct the cost of your gas or mileage as a business expense!
  • NO FRANCHISE FEE, NO ROYALTY FEE, NO ANNUAL LICENSE FEE! To get into the business, the other four or five companies will charge you $5,000 to $8950, $24,000 or more! Start NOW for $1,095 just $1,095 

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