Mattress Cleaning Testimonials


Testimonials from STERILMATTRESS customers and the reactions to our mattress cleaning, dust mite removal, and allergen treatment services.


It's been three days since I' ve used your service and for the first time in years, I' ve found myself sleeping through the entire night. Your mattress cleaning system works! R. Mitchell, Austin, Tx

Due to my husband's snoring, I have been in the habit of sleeping in the guest room after he has fallen asleep. My husband was surprised to still find me in bed the morning after we had our mattresses, pillows and drapes cleaned by Sterilmattress. His snoring has dramatically lessened as he is now actually breathing through his nose. Thank you. J. White, Tomball, Tx

I'm a believer. My redness and swelling around my eyes in the morning has disappeared and I can breathe easier when falling asleep. M. Bergeron, Lake Charles, LA

I was shocked when I saw the stuff you vacuumed out of the mattresses onboard the M/V Sally D. Me and the other crew members fall asleep in our berths, faster and sleep better. Glad you came aboard and now we need you for our homes.  Capt. Maurice "Mo" Fontenot, Lafayette, La

Thank you for your valuable mattress cleaning service. The difference was immediately noticed. I really liked how you cleaned the pillows and also the foam pad on my son's bed. D. Reynolds, Lafayette, La

Some months ago we unplugged our air purifier after learning about the FDA's negative reports concerning same. Your mattress cleaning service is very timely and more importantly it works. M. Russell, Austin, Tx

 As you already know, I discussed your HDM (house dust mite) removal service with our daughter's pediatrician. She agreed that we should try your services. Our daughter's asthma condition has improved and my husband and I can feel the difference as well. We will continue using your services. Good job!  M. Kelly, Austin, Tx


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